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Lecture 14Geomagnetic hazardsFaradays law in nature Variations in the Earths magnetic field induce electrical telluric currentsThe Earths magnetic field syn geomagnetic field Extreme variations of the Earths magnetic field can have a significant effect on technological systemsSuperposition ofInternal geomagnetic field Earths coreExternal geomagnetic field IonosphereMagnetosphereInternal geomagnetic field Slow variationsExternal geomagnetic field Disturbances affecting technological systems are caused by variations of the external geomagnetic field Driven by solar activity Solar wind stream of charged particles flowing away from the Suns corona in all directions Strong gusts of solar wind caused byCoronal holes Occur in a small localized area of the Suns surfaceCoronal mass ejections Starscale eventsMagnetic storm Temporary a few hours to a few days largescale perturbation of the external geomagnetic field due to high solar activityEarths magnetosphere Region around the Earth shielded from the solar wind by the internal geomagnetic fieldIonospheric currents Cause variations in the external geomagnetic fieldEmission of lightAurora borealisSpace weather Changing environmental conditions in spaceLecture 15 Plate tectonics and volcanoesCrustThin lowdensity crust rich in silicon and oxygenSilicon and oxygen account for75 Mineral naturally occurring inorganic solid with Orderly internal structure Individual characteristics Rock solid aggregate of one or more mineralsTetrahedrons combine to form rings chains sheets and 3D structuresThe rock cycle describes processes by which older rocks are made into new rocks
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