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Mid-term 1- Winter 2012- Answer key.doc

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C A R L E T O NU N I V E R S I T YMidterm 1 E X A M I N A T I O NFebruary 2012 DURATION1 hr 30 min No of Students 73Department NameCourse NumberECON 3509 ACourse InstructorsDr Samuel BontiAnkomahNonProgrammable calculators permittedLanguage dictionaries permitted Students MUST count the number of pages in this examination question paper before beginning to write and report any discrepancy immediately to a proctorThis question paper has 5 pagesThis examination paper MAY NOT be taken from the examination roomIn addition to this question paper students require an examination bookletyesno a Scantron sheet yesno PART I MULTIPLE CHOICE 50 points 25 marks eachTo be answered on the Scantron Sheet The Scantron Sheet must be completed using an HB 2 medium lead pencil Completely erase any changed answers with a soft eraser Mark your answer firmly and neatly Blank or indecipherable answers will be considered incorrect The following information must be provided on the Scantron Sheet by filling in the appropriate bubblesFirst Name and Last Name Course NoDate of Exam Student numberChoose the best answer for the following questions and enter your answer on the Scantron Sheet Fill in the bubble representing the correct answer to each question Fill in only one alternative for each question Be careful not to skip answer spaces or questions as your answers will then not match the key At the end of the exam insert the Scantron Sheet into your examination booklet1The three main components of development planning areAThe objectives the context and the capabilitiesBProblems opportunities and constraintsCFinancial physical and human resourcesDConstraints challenges and output2Which of the following is NOT an important step in analysing project optionsAIdentification of all possible impacts for each optionB Making projections of the benefits and costs over timeCComparing to the baseline scenarioDAll of the aboveENone of the above1
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