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NameCARLETON UNIVERSITYFinalNumberEXAMINATIONSignature16 April 2010 900 amDURATIONHOURSNo of Students3242Electronics ELEC 2607 A B and CDepartment NameCourse Number W N Ye and J KnightCourse InstructorsAUTHORIZED MEMORANDA Notes books and noncommunicating calculators are allowedCELL PHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF and placed UNDER YOUR SEATStudents MUST count the number of pages in this examination question paper before beginning to 9 pageswrite and report any discrepancy immediately to a proctor This question paper hasMay NotThis examination paperbe taken from the examination roommay requestxIn addition to this question paper students requirean examination bookletyesno xa Scantron sheetyesno Please answer on the examination paperIf your answer does not fit check your methodYou may ask for a booklet if you need one You must decide if For ALL questions these maps are usefulIf you use a map fill in the map of in any given problem If you use algebra indicate the rules used at the right side of each line1 BooleanB10 AaSimplify the logic circuit and draw the resulting circuit map of23 0 i 1 E10 DDmap of 0iiE1 fABACA b Simplify D 22CD so that the circuit can be drawn with one gate11011000AB0001B11A10Cmap of cSimplify x ABBCDACABC 2D CD 11011000AB00 01B11Ad Simplifyy ABBCDACABCHint Do 1c first103 Cmap of D CD 11011000AB 0001BeLoop the map shown clearly and with no 113CDA00011110extra loops and write the equation Each AB10ddd100extra letter halves your markCmap of 01111 d 11DCD 11011000AB1110d00dd1d 01111map ofeB 11 d A1011dCspare map ofe W N Ye and J Knight 11page 123456789page 1 of 9
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