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ENGL 2103 Midterm: Intro to Novel Study Guide

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ENGL 2103
Henderson Jennifer

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find more resources at Novel Author Genre(s) Key Themes Notes The Castle of Horace Walpole Gothic, theatre (tragedy Narration: Romance in Middle Ages: Otranto (as William and comedy), medieval - Different PoVs run together; when narration is - Displaced way of discussing power Marshal) and modern romance separate from characters there is the sense of relations: aristocratic v. bourgeois grounding and scepticism values Post-enlightenment England: Gothic conventions: - The pseudo-name distances Walpole from the - The castle: may be a character itself scrutiny of Europe during a time when they (narration) wanted to do away with faith in superstition and - Innocent woman preyed upon: turn to empirical science Manfred’s incestuous desires for Isabella Gothic: - Characters may be more symbolic/ - Refers to nuances of the past that don’t accord archetypal (not very dynamic) with simplicity ad symmetry - Privy to a time when the church had lots of The Castle: sway over people: tales of the supernatural - Generates emotional effects were written to confirm Christian beliefs when - Women’s oppression: Isabella is a tool they should based on scripture, not fear of the traded amongst men - church Safety comes from enclosure: runs the - The supernatural events affect characters in a the tunnels way that is natural/realisti(see def. for “neo-classicmArchitectural entrapment is better that conventional entrapment (Manfred’s Inheritance: plans); the further into the tunnels the - Caution against disrupting the order less social protection - Divine punishment: vertical ascent of Nicholas - Continuous narration of Isabella’s (Theodore) thoughts: she is exposed within the castle (modern concept) Fairytale/courtly love: - Architecture determines her state of - Knightly duty, damsels, reward and punishment mind - Sound: uncertainty, sharpened since it’s Value systems: dark - Aristocratic: identity is inherited (Alfonso v. - Inversion of terror and reason Manfred) - The external forces emphasize - Bourgeois: property and authority is based on vulnerability individual will/effort (“self-made man)
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