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1Toni Morrison The Bluest Eyefinal lecture notesLast classDifferent ways in which the girls respond to Western white ideals of beautyoPecola like her mother Polly has INTERNALIZED accepted social messages about what is beautiful feels shame as shown by her passive body language and silenceThis internalization leads to selfloathing and eventually madness total destruction of the self end of noveloClaudia and to a lesser extent Frieda literally and metaphorically fights back against these impossible ideals deconstructs them cf what she does with the dolls challenges and constantly questions them She has a voice unlike PecolaFinal lectureoFinish up discussion of Pecolas silence until the end of the novel when she is insane and talks to herselfoThe cyclical nature of racialized selfloathing passed down from parents from one generation to the nextoBlack male characters in the novelViolent towards women almost as powerless as the women in terms of social oppressionvictimization so they violently lash out against the only ones less powerful than they aregirlsoEnding of novel why the rape scene is controversially told from Chollys perspective as filtered through a third person narrative voicewhat happens to PecolaRe Pecolas silencePecola silent throughout the entire novel except for two scenes before the ending that isoWhenever she is teased at school by boys or by girls she is ALWAYS silent ie shows that she is ashamed has internalizedaccepts social messages re her lack of selfworth her ugliness etcoClaudia and often Frieda instead speak up for herTheir voices and the story Claudia has written herepower and a power that Pecola clearly lacksScene at the candy story p 4750 Pecola reacts not with silence but with angerobefore she went in the store she sees dandelions and wonders why theyre considered weeds rather than beautiful after her experience with Mr Y she changes her mind decides They are ugly They are weedsDandelions symbolic of black girlsoMr Ys treatment of Pecola
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