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thSeptember 13 2011British Literature II1660 Restoration Charles II Cromwell theatres reopened1694 Queen Mary dies of small poxJames II leaves his thrown to James Edward1710Swift chief publisher1713 War of France endsst1714King George the 11715James Edward Stuart tries to invade ScotlandGeorge I dies1740Rule Britannia by Thomas Arne17567 year war declaredWolfeGeorge III crazy1764 Mozart visited England to perform he was 8 years old1773 Boston Tea Partyth18 centuryimportance of ceremonythCrime 18 century crimeagainst propertyVictoriansMurderTodaySexthSeptember 15 2011th18 centuryPoetry is not very popular most poets are malePublishes mostly easy reads that everyone can understandth18 Century artist should not be personalExample Dylan Thomas poetFancy and imagination should always be controlledJudgement needs to dominate wit nothing originalA union of minds makes an irresistible strengthJohnson poet must concern himself not with the individual but with the speciesPerformity is not naturejust an accidental deviationBlake to generalize is to be an idiotConversation depends on propriety restraint and absence of emphasisSense of proportionsense decorum and appropriate languagethSeptember 20 2011Swift poetic backgroundPersonal feelings are not very importantthPope wrote an Epipath 18 century is impersonal lack of curiosity about other people sense of refinement you dont want to sound poetic dont use common languageLatin words translated into English should language be changed censored
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