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ENGL 2802- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 54 pages long!)

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ENGL 2802
Susan Birkwood

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[ENGL 2802] Comprehensive winter guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Title Author Genre Basic Plot Notes First Words Brian Maracle Explorer narrative: Retelling of Iroquois creation story:- Mohawk: preservation of language literature and historical not just myth/legend, but history - Woman is made first; man doesn’t make the document animals - Doesn’t mention Hell - Daughter dies during childbirth: cerated 3 sisters corn, bean and squash - Tobacco and strawberries - Language: talks about people not things - No negative words; distinction between animate and inanimate things Saukamapee (Life Among David Explorer narrative: Indigenous warfare: used to - The 4 stages: hunting —> pasturage —> the Peigans) Thompson literature and historical describe savageness; small pox agriculture —> commerce ———————————— document ——————————————— - Agriculture creates personal property Narrative of his —————————— Fur trade, the sublime - Themes: institutions/laws, rude v. refined, lower Explorations Gothic style stages being governed by passion v. custom - Small pox made the indigenous not think about war, goals changed ——————————————————————— - Sublime: gothic style, about power (Frankenstein) - Exploration literature is influenced by: commerce, science (nature), cartography, ethnography, aesthetics and literary conventions - Talks about the wendigo, customs and manners (“weendigo psychosis”) - Why native withhold: language barrier, protection of culture, culture barriers A Journey from Prince of Samuel Hearne Explorer narrative: Copper mines; preparations for the - Copper for their ships were mined from rivers - Wales’s Fort literature and historical journey described; idea of Paintings lack colour: only use red and black document (gothic communal property; indigenous - Lists different native groups: usually by location style) warfare not by name (ex. Copper indians = Yellowknife, Southern indians = Cree) - He wants to stay away from the violence of natives but ends up in the middle of it - Uses the word “poor” for pathos, although there is no explication beyond that find more resources at
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