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Lecture 2 What is an engineerDefinition A person who uses science mathematics experience and judgement to create operate manage control or maintain devices mechanisms processes structures or complex systems Does this in a rational and economic way with human societal and natural resources and environmental constraintsWhat is engineeringDefinition The creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures machines apparatus or manufacturing processes or works utilizing them singly or in combination or to construct or operate the same with full cognizance of their design or to forecast their behaviour under specific operating conditions all as respects an intended function economics of operation and safety to life and propertyEngineers need to work as a teamEngineer provides the key link between theory and practical applicationsProfessional engineers title can be obtained fromDemonstrated competenceBeen licensed by provincial professional engineering licensing associationCEAB academic requirementsMathematicsBasic scienceEngineering scienceEngineering designES plus ED must beof the programComplementary studies is about 18th of the programOther requirementsPractical experienceProfessional practiceCharacter attested to by referencesCanadian citizen or prominent residentTechnologistWorks under an engineerJob Applies engineering principles and methods to complex technical problemsCompletion of three year technology program from community collegeOften supervises work of othersDifference between engineer and technologistEngineering education typically provides greater theoretical depthTechnology diploma usually provides more handson experienceTechnicianWorks under the supervision of an engineer or technologistCompletion of twoyear technician program in a community collegeOpen ended problems have more than one solution and most of engineering problems are open endedEngineering skills How to represent a design problem How to make assumptions How to generate possible ideas for designs How to effectively conduct a search for a solution How to plan and schedule activities How to make efficient use of resources How to organize the components and activities of a team design projectIngenuity finding clever ways to skirt the laws of natureLecture 4 Rules of writing units Keep a space between the value and unitUnit simples are not modified with subscriptionVmax200 V not V200 VmaxUnit simples are not mixed with units names in the sentenceTypes of system errorsNatural error1Environmental effect temperature changes2Correction can be appliedInstrument error1Caused by imperfections in adjustment or construction of instrumentPersonal error1Result from habits2Can be reduced by proper trainingRandom errorResult of small variations in measurementsIf several measurements are made their mean value is best estimate the true valuePrecision is achieved by repetitivelyRemained measurement error must quoted in the measurementFixed notation ex 3014030Scientific notation ex 3014104Engineering notation ex 3014103Uncertainty is normally expressed as an estimated rangeMeasurement is complete only when a statement about its uncertainty is included Odd numbers before the number 5 can be rounded up ex 33534 not 32532Arithmetic mean more precise than individuals measurementsLecture 5Graphical Representation It is crucial that the graphical representation be clear and unambiguous The image must be precise and exact The word geometry means earth measureTechnical Illustration Also called pictorial drawingsused to describe products in catalogues user and maintenance manualsUseful to describe difficult to visualize components or assembliesHow to put components togetherNOT how to make themThree common typesPerspectiveObliqueIsometric AxonometricPerspective projection The projectors intersect at finite points called vanishing points VPThe representation on the projection plane may be considered the view that would be seen by a single eye at a known point in space station pointThe picture is formed on the projection plane by the intersections of the projecting lines from the object to the focal point of the eyePerspective projection is used primarily by architects and commercial artists to describe the external appearance of an object
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