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IntroductionMATLAB Matrix Laboratory is an engineering software mainly used for manipulating matrices The purpose of this lab is mainly knowing how to use MATLAB through applying calculations in MATLAB to solve sets of given vectors and matricesMethodFor part 1 calculations were applied on sets of vectors and scalars then using intelliCAD the path of a search boat was sketched Later on the distance travelled by a boat was calculated by calculating the normal of each vector that represents the path of the boat and finding their sums using MATLAB Finally when the boat went on a search mission the areas covered by the boat in the 2 trials done were calculated and compared using MATLAB For part 2 sets of mathematical operations were first applied on 4 sets of matrices and a graph of one of the operations was plotted using MATLAB Then using the equation Axb the value of x was calculated Using the same method a complex 6x6 matrix was solved but using a different MATLAB command After that the amount of each type of coal produced by a steam plant was determined by forming two matrices and solving for x As for our last question in part 2 an electric circuit representing a disco light was sketched using intelliCAD and its currents were calculated from its voltages and resistances The intellicad drawingsthe MATLAB graph are found in appendix A page 2 to 4 whereas all MATLAB calculations are found in appendix B page 5 to 20Discussion and resultsFor the first question in the first part the last two operations could not be completed due to some errors The first error was because the two matrices had different sizes as for the second error was because the matrix dimensions of both matrices did not agree For the second question the distance was found to be 492334 The area searched by the first boat was 368239 and for the second boat 156844 which indicates that the search area of the first boat is greater The answers for the first and second questions of part tow are included in the appendix For the third question MATLAB gave an error so to solve such a question using MATLAB the pinv function was used and an exact answer was found The amounts of coal in question 4 were found to be 39000 and 18000 and the results for the currents in the last questions were found to be 17744 07801 and 12696ConclusionIn conclusion using software such as MATLAB is very convenient and useful especially when dealing with large numbers and large matricesBut the disadvantage for such a software is that theyre usually costly 12
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