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Engineering Common Core Courses
ECOR 1010
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1Which of the following is not included in Results and Discussion part in an engineering reportaGraphsbResults relating to an objectivecSignificance of resultsdDifficulties encounteredeAll of the above are included in Results and Discussion part2Which of the following are not forms of technical writingaCourtesybAccuracycNeatnessdClarityeAll of the above are forms of technical writing3A change in unit results in a change inaMagnitude of a measurementbMagnitude of a measurement and physical dimensioncMagnitude of physical dimensiondMagnitude of physical dimensions measurement and other unitseNothing changes4Which of the following names do not match its corresponding letteraK KelvinbPa PascalcF FaraddV VolteS Second5What is 12398162302199 a48008b4801c47992d05 x 10eNone of the above6Identify the incorrect statementaA set of precise measurements may contain significant errorbLeft hand zeros are significant in fixed notationcThe significant digits of a number give a measure of the precision of the numberdSystematic and random errors can simultaneously affect a measurementeAll digits to the right of a decimal point are significant in scientific notation7Several numbers have been rounded The incorrectly computated operation to two significant figures isa17862 18b36989 37c2850 28d3550 36e19825 208How is 258 ms08 ms written in relative forma258 ms08 msb258 1310msc25808 msd258125mseNone of the above9What is measurement erroraTrue valueMeasured valuebMeasured valueTrue valuecMeasured valueTrue valuedTrue ValeMeasured valueeNone of the above10Which of the following is a derived unitaA Amperebm metreckg Kilogramdcd CandelaeC Coulomb11 Which of the following is not an advantage of graphical communicationaConcisebClearcIncrease of ambiguitydEfficienteAll of the following are advantages of graphical communication12Which of the following is not a type of a pictorial drawingaDiagonalbPerspectivecAxonometricdObliqueeAll of the above are types of pictorial drawings13Identify the incorrect statement
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