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Technology Society and the EnvironmentLecture 1 the Drivers of Change Population Economy Social Values Technology EnvironmentPOPULATION200564 billion people on the planetBy 205089 to 103 billion on the planetPopulation increasing at a rate of73MyearDuring your lifetime the global population has increased by 28CITIES95 of growth in developing countriesIn Canada 85 live in citiesBy 2050 65 will live in citiesChina planning to reverse 80 rural 20 urban with a generation of over 200 1M cities to be builtMONEYGross Domestic Productthe total market value of all the goods and services produced within the borders of a nation during a specified periodGross World ProductMeasurement of the total income and output of all the countries added upDuring your lifetime almost 70 increase in GDPInternational Trade expanding rapidly 20 increase in GWP2004547 trillion 86 per capita 2050200 trillionPoor countries had there best times in the 60s and 70s at 33growthCARS2004 production of 44M cars vs 8M in 1950Car Density in China equal to US in 19101920sBad Things about CarsOven the cities plus heated pavement for carsNoiseAcid Rain Smog Benzene Sulphur Road SaltAGRICULTUREGrain harvest exceeds 2 billion tons World meat production250M tons40kgper personBy 2020 consumption will be 90kgcapita in industrialized nationsOver 70 wild fish stocks in decline or depletedMILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS FOR 2015Halve the number living in extreme poverty and hungerUniversal Primary EducationReduce child mortality by two thirdsCombat disease by doubling access to safe drinking water and sanitation1
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