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Carleton University
Engineering Common Core Courses
ECOR 1010

Course ECOR1010DIntroduction to EngineeringCourse code ECOR1010DClass type LectureDate February 01 2013Speaker Joana Torres Da Rocha PhD course instructorLectures topic Technology society and environmentQuiz 1 Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases HGCs which trap heat radiated away from the earths surface GHGs are emitted bya Release of chlorofluorocarbon refrigerantsb Burning of coal oil and wood for heating homesc Combustion of gasoline in automobilesd All of the aboveAnswer d All of the above2 Over the next 100 years it is expected that global energy consumption will c Will be more dependent on coal Common Pool Resources CPR The Common Pool Resource is defined as a natural or humanmade resource system that belongs to everyone Nevertheless due to pollution this type of resource is in risk Sustainability of Common Pool Resources through an exampleBus transportation is more efficient than private cars transportation The bus produces less contamination in comparison with travelling by car Example Bus a person takes 20 minutes on bus plus 10 minutes walkingCar for the s
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