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Carleton University
Engineering Common Core Courses
ECOR 1010

Ecor ReviewEngineering graphics has evolved into six major areasTechnical IllustrationDescriptive GeometryEngineering Computer GraphicsNomographyGraphical MathematicsEmpirical EquationsEngineers convey information in three main waysWritten DocumentsOral PresentationsGraphicallySometimes a combination is neededTechnical IllustrationAlso called pictorial drawings technical illustrations are used to describe products in catalogues user and maintenance manualsThree common types1Perspective2Oblique3Isometric AxonometricPerspectiveOnePoint PerspectiveThe projection plane is parallel to two principal axes Receding lines along one of the principal axis converge to a vanishing pointTwoPoint PerspectiveIf the projection plane is parallel to one of the principal axes or if the projection plane intersects exactly two principal axes a twopoint perspective projection occursThreePoint PerspectiveIf the projection plane is not parallel to any principal axis a threepoint projection occurs with the visual rays converging to three vanishing points Oblique ProjectionFront face of object is parallel to the viewer therefore that face is true sizeUsed to give an indication of depthIsometric ProjectionParallel lines remain parallel instead of converging to a vanishing pointAxis are 120 degrees apartSpecial case of Axonometric projectionIsometric projection uses parallel projectors orthogonal projection but it shows more than one face of the object The x y and zaxes have the same metric The projected cube is also symmetric All sides are rhombuses a rhombus is a parallelogram with sides that are equal in length Orthographic ProjectionOrthographicSnapshot of the top front and side viewUseful when technical information is neededThey enable parts to be madeOften an isometric view is included with the standard views
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