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ECOR 1101 Final Exam

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Engineering Common Core Courses
ECOR 1101
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EXAMINATION DURATION 3 HOURS N oo f S t u d e n t s Department nameCourse NumberCivil and Environmental Engineering Department Mechanics I ECOR 1101Course Instructor Professor E ZalokAUTHORIZED MEMORANDA1 Closed book exam2 This exam paper contains 8 problemsAnswer all questions3 Questions carry equal weight4 No extra papers or crib sheets will be provided or accepted5 A page of formulas is provided6 Programmable calculators are not allowed7 Write clearly and neatly Students MUST count the number of pages in this examination question before beginning to write and report any discrepancy to a proctorThis question paper has 6 pages This examination question paper MAY NOT be taken from the examination room In addition to this question paper students require an additional booklet yes no a Scantron sheet yesnoProblem Mark1 2 3 4Name5ID 6Section 7 8 TotalPage 1 of 5
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