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Film 1000BReading for January 10FilmNoir1WhatisGenreGenreroot kind category or classification of a group of movies in which individual films share similar subject matter and similar ways of organizing the subject through narrative and stylistic patternsoConnected to human need for archetypes rituals and communicationsFilm genre is a set of conventions and formulas repeated and developed through film historyOur difft responses to particular genres define the film community to which we belongHistoryGenres arose to classify literature music theatre painting other atsThree functionsoProvide models for producing other worksoDirect audience expectationsoCreate categories for judging or evaluating a workEarlyFilmGenresLike predeccesors employs genresFirst films objects and events scenics historical eventsAs they expand employ theatre scenes sporting events slapstick comedy westerns w outdoor filmingStudioSystemRise of studio rise for genrethRelates to Fordism economic model of US in 20 century increase amount and quality of output through the dicision of labor and the mass production of partsdecrease of price and increase of consumptions Relates to film genres bc they eneabled producers to reuse script formular actors sets and costumes to create many difft modified versions of a popular movieUsed a production system based on the efficient recycling of formulas and conventions stars an sets
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