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FILM 1000 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: My Life To Live, French New Wave, Commodity Fetishism

Film Studies
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FILM 1000
Andre Loiselle
Study Guide

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FILM Discussion Seminar November 9th, 2016
Montage and Discontinuity Editing
Montage - about the seemingly opposing shots that provoke thought. Trying to piece together
connections. Sound with imaging can help with making the connections.
Fre nch Ne w Wa ve
Vivre sa vie (Jean-Luc Godard, 1952)
The film goes into lengthy digressions:
- Conversation between Nana and the philosopher
- Scene where man is reading from Edgar Allan poe with narration by Godard
- Nana dancing
- Watching The P a s s ion of J oa n of Arc in the theatre (the parallels between her and Joan of
What do these narrative digressions tell you about the character? How do they work
together to create meaning?
The majority thinks yes, and that she is seen as a martyr in a way. It helps that her face is
isolated against the black background, its an obvious parallel.
The framed shots of behind her head are they unusual? Dehumanizing because she is
talking about herself in some frames?
Detaches you from her because she isnt fully in the film, she isnt centered and in some frames
she isnt even looking at the camera.
This is a way of alienating the audience from the character in the film.
The placement of the actor/actress in the film is important with perceiving the characters role in
the film.
She has trouble expressing herself properly with the repetition of words.
Scene shown in class (Vivre s a vie 1962 - oval portrait):
Meta - because she was married to Godard. He is portraying her as an icon. Drawing attention
to her as an actress and drawing attention to herself
Foreshadows her death.
Film is unsentimental in a way, seeing prostitution as a way to survive shows how she could
feel dehumanized and alienated. Puts forth the issue of capitalism and not necessarily
Marxist theory discussed in class:
Marxist theory concerns how we become detached from the means of production. Humans are
the cognitive machine whom are creating for production and leads to alienation from that
product/life. We become consumed in a way.
example) commodity fetishism - money takes on a meaningful value that is overpowering.
In-class quiz:
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