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FYSMExam ReviewDefinitionsPart IIdeologywhat guides an individual social movement institution or large group For example disabled people continue to fight for not only their rights but for equal treatment in societyNeoliberalisma theory that denotes values practices and policies that embrace individualism focus on individual not society commodification definition below and marketization a market free of government intervention The idea of a economy without government intervention came from Adam Smith in his book The Wealth of Nations and neoliberalism is based on Smiths beliefs Two proponents of neoliberalism were the late Margaret Thatcher and Ronald ReaganCommodificationthe idea that problems solutions social relations and political choices are commodities to be bought and sold For example ad campaigns for social issues and policies the lobbying firms get paid A LOT of moneyProletariatworking class citizens Marxists believe that social change is a result of conflict between the working class and the capitalists bourgeoisie who exploit them to make more money Furthermore they feel that the working class own their labour or ability to work and sell that to the bourgeoisie for a wageScientific Racismthe idea that humans
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