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Study Guides for GEOG 1020 at Carleton University

People, Places and Environments

Exam Study Guides for GEOG 1020

Covers all exam topics.

GEOG 1020 Final: Study Guide

GEOG 1020 Study Guide Defining geography One of the oldest disciplines in the world, difficult subject because it encompasses past, present, future, local, global Study of Earths landscapes, peoples, places, and environmen...

GEOG 1020
Paul Williams
GEOG 1020 Study Guide - Final Guide: Terra Nullius, Ramachandra Guha, Openaccess

Sept 1916 GEOG 1020 A Explore how colonialism and western views of nature have shaped conflicts natureculture spaceplace settler colonialism Eurocentrism is the assumption that Europe, and more broadly the west, is the ref...

GEOG 1020
Prof.Jeremy Schmidt
GEOG 1020 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: World Geodetic System, Taxicab Geometry, Oc Transpo

Lecture 1: Geomatics- what is it? 1 Collection and analysis of spatial info 2 Collection of geographic pattens and processes 3 Communication of geographic knowledge Sub-disciplines 1 Cartography 2 Aeri...

GEOG 1020
schmidt Jeremy


GEOG 1020
All Professors
GEOG 1020 Study Guide - Hypercity, Eutrophication, Megacity


GEOG 1020
All Professors
GEOG 1020 Notes for the course

Geog1020Course Description ThiscourseintroducesandexploressignificantgeographicalconceptsissuesandprocessesthatinfluencethedynamicconnectionsamongpeopleplacesandenvironmentsatavarietyofspatialscalesThecoursecoversawiderang...

GEOG 1020
All Professors

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