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GEOG 2014
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GEOG 2014 A Carleton UniversityChurn Creek 515141N 1223498W Frank Slide 495837N 1144056W Lemieux 454012N 750585W1 For each of the three sites create a polygon unfilled outline only of the margins of the zone of depletion and the zone of accumulation from the landslide 5 marks x3 Refer to the graph2 Estimate the area of the slide by measuring the dimensions of the 2 polygons that you have created for each landslide Use the formula for the closest geometric shape to get an area Note that you can add a few geometric shapes together to improve your accuracy show your work 5 marks x3 Lemieux Depletion area rectangle shape 228055meters1260meters101493m1014kmLemieux Accumulation area rectangle shapem22130meters569307400974km2Lemieux total area1754kmFrank Slide Depletion area circle shape2 2 2320321699m 3216kmFrank slide Accumulation 2rectangle area22201meters435meters87435m874km22779meters352meters274208m2742km
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