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Carleton University
GEOG 2200

Page1Introductory Lecture What in the World is Going on with the World Introducing the CourseGEOG 2200 Global Connections Fall Semester 2012John Milton InstructorHow are we connectedIn what ways are we connectedHow are these connections made possibleThis course is about making connections between different aspects of human activities us next door to us and on the other side of the world between the changes and challenges being felt at different places defined at different geographic scales and between conditions in the past the present and the future Introducing the Course Deliverables for this course includeA series of weekly online quizzes based upon the lectures and assigned readings for that weekTwo assignments andA Final Examination What is the most important issue today in your opinion JobsEnergyFinancial crisisTerrorismsecurityClimate changeHealth care The list goes on and onWe live in a world of increasing interdependence in which the economic and social wellbeing of countries regions and cities everywhere depend on increasingly complex interactions framed at the global scaleHow might we understand both the general economic forces and socioeconomic relationships that connect specific places or the local and its unique featuresOil as an Example Lets take energy and more specifically oil as an example here What impacts on the price of oil and as an extension of this gasHurricanes in the Gulf Terrorism in the Middle East and its impact on the security of supply from that crucial region A strike at a refinery in the US The promise of the oil sands in Alberta Higher demand in China and India Issues associated with energy and oil impacts upon us in many ways As events unfold it is becoming increasingly clear how fragile our society is based upon oil To make a more general observation behind every commodity good or service is a complex geography that links different people and places together
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