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Carleton University
GEOG 3023

GEOG3023Week10Citybranding and the Olympics The Case of Beijing Place marketing and urban developmenturban imagery and mega eventsProjecting positive imagesie large architecture buildings to help bring investments and portray city as big up and comer modern and esthetically pleasing and positive attributes niche not found in others cities ie financial capital of the worldIdentity of a city with a symbolism and material nature to stand out on the globe stage and training to citizens to be good welcoming hosts and modernize with societygood citizenship and good conduct Universalizing notion of what is acceptable What gets left behind from the representations Selective criticism poverty corruption suicides inequality evictions and how are the stadiums used afterwardEntrepreneurial urban governance urban glamour zonespresenting the city of Beijing as up and coming Done through business and sub contracted and business oriented state local national prime the pump for investment creative class tourist etc in the name of economic development The conspicuous construction land cost labour migrant workers bringing in foreign architects and didnt buy real market val
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