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November 22nd - World War II-1.odt

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World War IITotal War a war that involves all elements of societyStalingrad was a model soviet city Stalin did not want to give it upAfter that situation deteriorates it shows the world that Hitler is stoppableGermans have a superior strategy the Germans believe that theyre able to push further and further into Russia but they dont have the man powerElastic offense leading to a stalemate with the Russians hopefully they believe this is still a possibilityThe problem Is that Hitler isnt being realistic anymore in and around Stalingrad he still believed Germany could take over the Soviet UnionGenerals were telling him to withdrawthBattle of Kursk German offensive launched on July 5 it doesnt even dent the Soviet militaryGermans are simply outnumbered by SovietsAfter the battle of Kursk morale absolutely deteriorates and the generals lose incentive to push forwardSoviets capture Kiev in 1943 Hitler then begins to retreatAs Hitler retreats the Germans move into central Europe19441945 Germany is sandwiched on the West by the Brits and in the East by the red armyBoomtowns positive influence of total war these towns rise up because of the warUSWe see a change in the role of womenWomen are fully mobilized they play an essential role Women are directly involved in combat operationsSome countries dont fully mobilize their economy for war Switzerland Sweden
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