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KEYTERMSHistory2FallTermExamReviewNationalismAn ideology or social movement that is defined by the act of a group of individuals belonging to the same country forming their primary identity around their nationalityEugenics Application of scientific practices to alter or eliminate a group with a specific genetic composition in an attempt to improve the genetic make up of a population This was an ideology adapted by Hitler and implemented prominently throughout the Nazi regime Total WarWar in everyday life at home not always negative positive for the United States boomtownsSPDSocial Democratic PartyThe German Social Democratic Party first held government in 1918 under Friedrich Ebert It was the most successful European socialist party and has represented leftist thpolitics in the country for most of the 20 centuryThe Drefyus AffairA political controversy that occurred in 1894 during which a Jewish French solider Alfred Dreyfus was unjustly accused of giving French intelligence documents to the German military This event showed that despite the technological advances in Europe at this time antiSemitism was still incredibly prominent and remained a large influence on government and justice officialsTreaty of VersaillesA treaty between Germany and the Allies determining the rules of the peace settlement after WWI It was signed at Versailles Palace in France The treaty outlined the Allies demands on Germany with the intentions of retribution as well as prevention of further conflict Lost GenerationA term popularized by Ernst Hemmingway to describe the cohort that came of age during the First World War This term particularly refers to the young men of this group whose adulthood had been stanched by their early exposure to the horrors of war This lead to a generation of mentally unstable youth for whom the glory of nationalism had lost its luster
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