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Tuesday September 25 2012Newfoundland and the Fishery1Geography resources human occupancyit was a separate British colony up until 1849it took Britain a long time to formally recognize Newfoundland as a colonyHaving any kind of a popn there is a waste of money big argument was if Newfoundland to be a colony of settlement or colony of occupation resourceso agricultural capacity subarctic climatecold Labrador currentearly people who tried to find settlements in Newfoundland did not understand the cold Labrador Current the thought it would be the same climate as England but it benefits from the Gulf Streamanimals in Newfoundland are mostly predatorsanimalsbad weather hard to survive in NewfoundlandBeothuknomadic hunter popnsmall numbers 2535 people fished hunted caribou only about 500700 of them in NewfoundlandCultural habits was to paint bodies in red ochre Red Indiansmost important part of Newfoundland is underwaterBanks of Newfoundland are elevated shallows part of continental shelf where fish have to swim closer to the surface Grand Banks St Georgias Banks Codfish were very populatedimportant and harvestable resource2 Basque whale fisheryThe Basque are people who live on the border of France and Spain oldest language in Europeunlike any othervery profitable whale business on the south coast of Labrador 15201600 Red Bay archeological finds remains of a sunken ship oldest shipwreck sites in CanadaWhy whales Was important in a lubricant soap pharmaceuticals medicinal drugs etc 1588 disaster befell the Spanish Navy Spanish Armada was a huge invasion fleet that attacked Englandhuge storm wiped out most of the invasion fleetSpanish Navy never recovered from that
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