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History 1300thLecture November 24 2011Essential Questions1What issues were dividing Canadian society during the nations first decade2What were Canadians drinking that is what was their alcoholic drink of choice3How did the issue of booze work its way into the politics of the period4What caused JA Macdonald to lose and then regain power during the 1870sDrinking in the 1800sIn 1874 per capita every man woman and child is drinking a lot average 301 standard drinks of hard liquor 35 standard drinks of beer Explorers believe that all Canadians do is drink They drink because they dont have clean water and cholera spreads so they just drink liquor 1860s 1870s they get fresh water and start drinking that from this a prohibition movement emerges and wants liquor to go away John Labatt 18031866Significant because he is the founder of Labatts brewery Born in 1803 in Ireland in a small town at the time that town is a small agricultural town caught up in the industrial revolution The turning point for him is moving to London England in 1830 at the age of 27 Barclays BrewerySignificant because it inspires John Labatt to go into b
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