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History 1300thOctober 13 2011Strengths of New FranceThe first thing that the French had going from them was alliances with the Native people 17001759 the were aligned with 9 aboriginal tribes They have a peace with the Iroquois the Algonquin etc The French are outnumbered 201 in America so any alliances tip the balance in their favour The second thing was a good command structure in New France which helps them make decisions quickly on the ground so if they attacked by the English they can make immediate and strong decisions The third thing was natural defences Protected by mountains and such The fourth thing was good luckeven though they are outnumbered they were successful Sir William Phips 16501694Significant because he represents the good luck that New France experienced at times before 1759 Grows up impoverished outside Boston decides to move into the city and builds ships decides to become a treasure seeker In mid 1680 he finds a sunken ship of gold becomes a knight and part of an army Is then asked by the King to go and take Quebec but is so illprepared going so slow that logs are passing them Smallpox breaks out and before they fire single shot they retreat Seven Years WarIs beginning of the end for New France significant because it is the backdrop for the Battle of the Plains of Abraham 17561763 Britainallies against Franceallies Russia Spain Saxon are the big nations on Frances side On the other side you have Hanover and Prussia with the English The war is about the balance of power in Europe and colonial possessions After this war it is England determining the course of Canadian Historythe French Crown is completely removed Battle of the Plains of Abraham and the Conquest of QuebecBritain has a huge mofo force and in 1759 they sail down the St Lawrence lands on IledeOrleans French send burning ships and get rid of a lot of the British ships but they pick themselves up and spends 9 weeks bombarding Quebec with 20000 cannon balls Tries to go over the ramparts and loses 4000 troops Makes the trek to the Plains of Abraham and then Marquis goes forth and takes them on The Marquis de Montcalm 17121759A lot of historians blame Montcalm for the failure of New France His family is being persecuted for being Protestant Serves in the army and does very well and at the time of the Battle of the
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