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World History ReviewHIST 1707second semester From winter 2013Abstract Expressionism a postwar artistic style characterized by nonrepresentational forms and bold colours often associated with the freedom of the Western world Allies the alliance of Great Britain France the Soviet Union and the US and their coalition partners in WWIIApartheid the South African system of laws and behaviours that enforced segregation of the black from the white population with the intention of creating a society dominated by whites apartheid laws were repealed in 1991Appeasement the strategy of preventing a war by making concessions to aggressors Axis the alliance of Italy Germany and Japan and their client states in WWIIBolshevik a faction of the Russian Socialist Party that advocated control of revolutionary activity by a disciplined group of the party elite instead of by the working class as a whole renamed Communist by Lenin following the Russian RevolutionBourgeoisie originally a term meaning the urban middle class Marx defined it as the owners of the means of production under capitalismBusiness Imperialism the domination of foreign economies without military or political ruleCapitalism an economic system in which the means of productionmachines factories land and other forms of wealthare privately ownedCartel a group of independent business organizations in a single industry formed to control production and pricesCentral Economic Planning a policy of govt direction of the economy established during WWI and increasingly used in peacetime Civil Disobedience a political strategy of deliberately but peacefully breaking the law to protest oppression and obtain political change Cold War the rivalry between the Soviet Union and the United States that followed WWII and shaped world politics between 1945 and 1989Collective Security the system of international diplomacy especially involving the peaceful resolution of disputes established by the League of NationsColonialism the establishment of settler communities in areas ruled by foreign powers
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