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ththEras premodern Modern 19 century 20 century wars post war 1Gender class race evolution th19 century gender roles behavior and responsibilitiesThis is a time where few young people went to university young men were in the military and here the period as youth often extended from the age of 13 to either their completion of military service or when they got married That would also apply to women Early modern youth often played games that we would consider inappropriate for people at that age to play Or if you take thanother example from the 19 century well see how its completely normal for 13 year olds to thwork in factories This seems unusual to us in the west During the 19 century we start to see new ideas about youth emerging The middle class was getting bigger and what wed see is as the middle class grew middleclass children were seen as more important to family life and they were treated in new kinds of special ways This is where there was an increase of production Gender plays an important role in how adults approach children and youth and the experiences young people have Gender basically means the meaning we attach to sexual difference How do we understand sexual difference If you think about this it means that children are born as either male or female The cultural meanings we attach to this biological difference is what scholars talk about To put it in another way genders is how society says how young boys and girls should act This involves all kinds of things games This often historically has had to do with what education girls and boys should receive What should they be taught to do What should they learn This is often related to gender It also has to do with work leisure etc A woman who was wearing pants was kicked out of court because it was thought to beinappropriate for women to wear them This has changed in recent years where men have less optionsth20 Century WarsththTowards the end of the 19 century and early 20 century there was a change in behavior of young people leisures began to become popular as this idea of the adolescence became a major focus group Young man began to start going more to sports bars and pool halls while young girls were beginning to read romantic novels This grew Delinquency in both genders since they began having more freedom Males tended to smoke drink and commit some sort of crime while thwomen began to be too sexually active or interested in sex 20 century was a major time for change for gender because of two main events the two wars and civil rights movement The people left behind were often thrown into a range of new responsibilityThis eventually meant new workers to do the jobs especially affected women ie Grave digger driving hoarse heavy labour like laying bricks or train conductors Women therefore are moving around cities in all kinds of ways now allowed to walk by themselves not being chaperoned by men clothing changed ripping through stereotypes to be able to work ie Pants start to be worn which allowed women to engage in new types of behavior propaganda to make women want to go to factoriesyou can still keep ur feminity while doing mens work young boys would be brought to the working world women make more money and seem to be having fun get to do all these things that women never got to do before NENA BRITTZIAmen were very jealous of this Postwargirls tended to stay in put on make up try on clothes wtc Males tended to be out on the streets etc Women sexuality in this era began to be used for profitCivil rights
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