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Human Rights
HUMR 1001
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HUMR EXAM PREP2 Explain what gave rise to water protests in Cochabamba Bolivia describe the tactics used by protesters and assess whether their cause and actions were legitimate from a human rights point of view It is the position of this essay that the cause behind the protests in Cochabamba was a legitimate human rights issueThe privatization of water was carried out in an unethical manner not involving the citizens to have a say in the changing of law and contracts signed with corporations The protest was legitimate because the poorer population was being targeted for large corporations to financially gain by taking something much needed for basic survival The seeds of the protest were planted when the National Bank had put pressure on Bolivia to privatize their water resources A large sum of six hundred million dollars of debt relief was to be withheld by World Bank if Bolivia did not follow through with privatizing water Soon after a contract was signed and water resources were now being taken over by private companies After this laws surrounding water were even changed These changes happened in mostly closed door meetings and the voice of the citizens were not included neither were their interests Public wells that were built by residents through their own personal incomes were soon seized and controlled by the water companies All water available was turned to something that citizens needed to p
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