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Human Rights
HUMR 1001
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SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONSNUMBERS ARE OFF BECAUSE THEYRE LAST YEARS QUESTIONS THE SAME2Pages 6473 of Seasonal Agricultural Workers reading 2 contain several criticisms of the SAWP Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programand TFWP Temporary Foreign Worker Program What are SIX different criticisms made in these pagesW1Employers can ban workers from the program they can also name or request the return of workersMinimal efforts or government department coordinating program to inform participants of their rights Repatriation clause undermines workers ability to make demandsLack of support for workers and their families in their home countriesConsciously act to maintain poor working conditionsOvert racismtreats them as pure commodities valued only for contributions to economyawarded none of the rightsprivileges that come with membership in political community4Based on reading 9 ANotes on Tortures Objectives Means and Symptoms list FOUR of the objectives of torture Then list FOUR ways by which torturers characteristically achieve these goals illustrating each way by showing how they apply to the torture of Marcos Arruda as reported in ATorture in Brazil reading 10 W4Punish dissidentsGather informationForce prisoner to incriminate othersDeter prisonerothers from political activityAbuse prisoners to cause physicalmental suffering they began to give me electric shocks using this equipment and continued to beat me brutally both with their handsKeep prisoner in constant state of fearanxietythey began to carry the young woman off into another room and gave her a strong electric shock in order to make me talkKeep prisoner confuseddisoriented to prevent them developing coping techniques But I remained incommunicado without permission to see my family for 5 more months no visit from lawyer through duration of detentionMaking prisoner believe their fate is entirely in hands of captives isolating prisoner from informationsupport5With reference to the section entitled Israels Policy of Administrative Detention on pages 261264 of reading 14 Israels Administration of Justice please a explain what administrative detention is and b present FIVE distinct criticisms of administrative detention made by the readings authors W6 Administrative detention imprisonment of individuals by the executive without charge or trial using administrative rather judicial procedures An individual be detained in whatever place of detention specified by the order1 judges in Israeli military are also army officers which questions their independenceimpartiality as judges quality of justice they dispense2 administrative detention can be based on secret evidence to which detainee is denied3 almost all info presented to court is classified which review judge reserves the right not to disclose
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