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Human Rights
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1 List 6 different criticisms on SAWP Seasonal Agriculture Workers Program and TFWP Temporary Foreign Worker ProgramPower struggle with dependency on boss Bosses have the ultimate word over the lives of the employees They can ban workers from coming back to work with the SAWP and the TFWP or they can rehire them just by their word Workers have no defense on how they are portrayed and definitely have no way to challenge their boss No knowledge of rights Most of the workers hired in the programs have no idea of their entitled rights because this information is hidden from them There is little to no effort made by these government departments to inform the participants of their rights Those that do know are not able to demand them because the there is no enforcement of these rules The repatriation clause undermines the workers abilities to make any demandsNo possibility of claiming citizenship The workers low occupational classification prevents them from ever qualifying as permanent residents The workers are stuck in a limbo because they are paying taxes for a government for which they get no benefits or services Lack of support for workers health and families The treatment of the workers leaves them in a condition where they need to seek medical help when they return home with sickness and injuries They are forced to spend so much money for insurance while they work that when they return home they cannot afford their own treatment and can barely support their families They also return home every year unemployed and with no benefits or extra money Workers forced to be housed on site Being housed on site gives their employers even more control over their lives Their movements and behavior is all monitored including their mail visitors and phone calls The housing is also substandard and overcrowded with no indoor plumbing or hot water or available drinking waterNo formal representation While the workers suffer verbal and physical abuses and are constantly exposed to dangerous chemicals without proper training or protection there is no contract negotiation in their employment or any group defending their interests2Please spell out the crucial points made in claim that corporatecentered globalization is linked to increasing inequality and deteriorating healthThere is an immense health gap between the people living in developing countries and those in the developed countries Global inequality has produced a world where millions die of preventable causes each year and globalization appears to increase inequality among and within countries Growing inequalities is linked with globalization which in turn harms healthIn the current world order there has been an expanded role of MNCs who increase their own profit margins and increase growth via trade Trade rules require markets in poor countries to be freeunregulated which benefit the large corporations at the expense of the smaller entities An example of benefits to corps and inequality of people include NAFTA The analysis of economic effects of NAFTA reveals job losses in Mexico and growing income inequality within the US The purchasing power of the minimum wage dropped in Mexico due to NAFTA and farmers faced price deductions Many jobs were transformed from high paying manufacturing sector to low paid service sector in the states which increased wealth inequalitySuch growing globalization has also negatively contributed to health When economic globalization first took root the improvements in life expectancy were significantly higher in the earlier periods than later years Infant and young child mortality improved more quickly in the 60s and 70s than the following decades indicating that growing globalization is hindering health more and more over the yearsIn those earlier decades there was also no relationship between a countrys debt and its infant mortality But with more structural adjustment policies being implemented this relationship grewStructural adjustment led to higher prices for necessities and countries with higher debt had a significantly higher child mortality rate than countries with less debtThe switch to a capitalist economy favour private ownership also has proven to have led to declines in health Life expectancy dropped significantly after it was introduced This is because the private ownership leads to increased inequality of the nation 3 Present the most pertinent points Farmer argues on why child birth deaths can be preventedIf these women had access to medical facilities with electricity more personnel clean instruments hot clean water and medications Lack of access to modern obstetricsmany poor women do not have access to an operating room electricity blood clean wards and good post operative care High rates of HIV regions with high rates of HIV also lack the prevention and treatment of major infection diseases which have proven to contribute to maternal mortalityAccess to trained doctorslack of personnel in delivering live birthsThis can be prevented ifPublic authorities can move resources generators c section kits etc to these areas of povertyNGOS that fight health care lure nursesdoctors out of public hospitals to serve the poor directly but this undermines staff in these public sectors and leads to the deaths This can be prevented if the public sector is strengthenedFirst world universities can share their abundant resources if they wish to conduct research across poverty stricken countriesMoving beyond the notions of cost effectiveness and return to the concept of social justice The objective should be moving towards making safe childbirth a right instead of a commodity 4 List 4 objectives of Torture and then list 4 characteristics of torturers achieving their goal and how they apply to the torture of Marcus Arruda4 Objectives Gathering InformationForce prisoner to compel them to change their beliefs and loyaltiesDeter prisoners and others from political activityPunish dissidentAchieving Goals
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