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Human Rights
HUMR 1001
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1HUMR 1001AIntroduction to Human RightsStudy Questions for the April 15 2013 ExamThe following questions are provided to help you study for the Monday April 15 exam which will be held from 7001000 pm in a location yet to be announced DO NOT mistake the HUMR 1001P exam for that of HUMR 1001A Questions on the exam will be drawn exclusively from these study questions You will be required to answer five shortanswer questions from a choice of eight and one essay question from a choice of four To be more accurate though it would be better to describe the shortanswer questions as being of medium length given the amount of material they require you to present When a specific number of required points is not indicated on a shortanswer question normally six distinct points will be needed although you may add additional points to ensure that the most relevant material is included Exact wording is not required on shortanswer questions but the idea must be accurately conveyed In the shortanswer questions marks will not be deducted for wrong answersThe shortanswer questions will be worth 12 each for a total of 60 while the essay will be worth 40 Shortanswer questions may be answered in point form Essay questions must be written in long form and will be evaluated in terms of content analysis and organization introduction body of the essay with a logical progression of points conclusion In the essay you must thoroughly present relevant information from the course readings and an argument to defend the position you take Although writing style will count less importance will be attached to grammar and spelling than on essays submitted during the term As well on the essay question I consider knowledge and understanding of concepts to be more important than memorizing dates and names If your handwriting is difficult to read please try to write clearly and double space your exam answers as illegible exams will not be graded Questions on the exam may be answered in any order you wish Please indicate on the cover of your first exam booklet which questions you have answered A sample sheet demonstrating this is found at the end of the study questions You may bring dictionaries and thesaurus into the exam but be sure they contain no other papers Electronic dictionaries may also be used but must not contain information related to the exam In brackets following each study question is indicated the class or classes in which the pertinent material was scheduled to be covered Although the exam will be based on course readings in the essay question Section 2 readings may be augmented with relevant information from lectures guest speakers or videosPlease feel free to contact me Bill if youre unsure about the meaning of a question I will not however discuss what would be appropriate answers to the question For assistance in determining the best answers I suggest that you arrange to study with other students I can be reached at 5202600 ext 2359 or at billskidmorecarletonca or we can meet in my office at 2215 Dunton Tower Please do not contact your TA with questions about the examLet me also offer some hints about writing the exam Carefully go over the exam before you begin With 3 hours to write you will have ample time for this Plan your time so that you dont spend too long on one question or section Leave some time at the end of the exam to review and revise your work Make sure that you understand the question and that your answer responds to the question I will be atthe exam in case you have any questions but its best to contact me with questions prior to the exam Only answer FIVE of the shortanswer questions and ONE of the essay questions With the essay question take a few minutes to make an outline and jot down some key points beforeyou begin writing I would reserve approximately half the exam time for the essay question There is no set minimum or maximum page limit on the essay question What matters is that you address the question in as thorough a manner as possibleSHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS
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