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Carleton University
Human Rights
HUMR 2001

HUMR 2001 Final Exam ReviewAndrew ClaphamHuman rights are under attack today not because of doubts about their existence but rather do to their omnipresence Its existence over time The misuse of Human rights for personal gain ie the parking lady AristotleAnything that is fully developed we call it nature Absorbed to judge a man based soley by looking at his hand If the earlier forms of society are natural so is the state for it is the end of them and the nature of a thing is its endThe individual isolated is not selfsufficing an therefore he is like a part in relation to the whole But he who is unable to live in society of who has no need because he is sufficient for himself must be either a beast or a go he is not part of the stateWe can only live within a poliscommunity where everything is connected Man needs a polis so he is a political animal When part of the polis we are good it is our natural state to do what is good for the community If you can lie with a community you are considered a beast or a God Idea of partnership ie male and female Individual are part of the city By themselves they are not efficient and cannot survive Rules in a state makekeep us as rational human beings Individuals exist in community not individually Men is political animal One who does not need the city which produce moral guidelinesjustice is either beast or god Michael Ignatieff Political neutrality is important to alleviate suffering Intervening without picking is most appropriate when someone is suffering Claiming not to intervene due to pikcing sides is invalid Red crosses side with wounded St Thomas Aquinas4 types of lawseternalhumannatural and divine Reason is necessary to form laws Laws comes from divine ruler Ruler is divine reason Common food of state cannot flourish unless people are virtious Human law derives from nature of law We are born with these laws when we create laws Citizens will be as cirtuiously as the ruler All laws instill virtue if they dont then they are tyrannical laws Law is moral compus HobbesIdea of injustice comes from a broken contract nature has no injustice because there is no soverin All against all Stability needs to be a sovernety Competition self interest There needs to be sovernity to enforce human rights State need sto se that they are inforces Futhermore we have lived in a state of nature e may not need human rights Hobbes believes men has inate desire to circulate power or ideas for own benefit LockeBelieves in state of nature but they are not evil like Hobbes thinks Right to life liberty and property Social contract with people of state Contract is partial State of liberty Idea of community willing to five up power for peace and safety Free to do whatever you wantunless it harms someone CiceroReason and injustice Nature gives us the capacity to reason True law can be understood in nature by the power of reason Laws created by man are rational Right ReasonLaws created by man are rational just GOOD
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