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JOUR 4000Exam ReviewTABLE OF CONTENTS IMPORTANTWatch this video firsthttpswwwyoutubecomwatchfeatureplayerdetailpageve1lSMadgOBAt35sMain Presentations1Should journalists ever get involved in the story2Why cant journalists do a better job of reporting sciencemedical stories3Diversity in the newsroom is it still important in this day and age4Covering the law courts How good a job do the media do5Is partial vs impartial a quaint notion in the era of 247 and social media6The freelancer scene facts and survival tips7How should the media cover suicides if at all8Will the media cover missed stories How What did Canadas news miss in 20129How to find work in an economy thats still recovering from the Great RecessionJOUR 4201 Presentations1Social Issues2Arts3BusinessMAIN PRESENTATIONS1SHOULD JOURNALISTS EVER GET INVOLVED IN THE STORYWhen Should Journalists Get InvolvedTo remain uninvolved in a story is critical for objectivity part of the standards of quality reporting It is not always so clearcut Often reporters are sent to crime scenes war zones and disaster sites where help is needed It is here when journalists determine whether intervention is worth sacrificing detachment from the situation It is highly reliant on the policy of the news organizationThe CAJ saysWe lose credibility if we write opinion pieces about subjects we also cover as reporters Refrain from taking part in a cause or organization even an online one if there is a chance we will be covering the campaign activity or group involvedRoger Simpson saysIntervene when first on the scene others can be helped and you know how to helpDo not intervene in situations in which you might endanger a life including your ownRecording what you see and hear may be most effective interventionDave Tait saysIf someone is in danger and you are able to prevent it or help them even though you are assigned to cover the story it is your responsibility to do what you can to help themPhotojournalist Laura PondShe opted to remain uninvolved when snakehandling pastor Randy Wolford was bitten It went against his faith to get help and she respected that as did everyone else around him He refused treatment until it was too lateThe CBC makes specific points onRiots and demonstrations Reporting should avoid inflaming or aiding a confrontation A decision to go live during a riot or demonstration should consider possible scenes of violence Our presence can sometimes create activity If staff has exclusive access to a sitin or demonstration by advance knowledge a decision should be referred to the Managing EditorCovering it Although there is a conflict of interest at every level normal techniques of newsgathering are the most useful way to ensure journalistic integrity Ensure clear separation between those reporting and those who publicly make the CBCs case Reporters and editors covering a CBC story must remove themselves from insider briefings relevant to the storyNonJournalist Perspectives on journalists becoming too involvedOverall the publics opinion of journalist conduct and where to draw the line regarding professional guidelines varies to a great degree depending on who you speak with Some think that it is fine to be open with bias while others want balanced opinions and objectivity The only major consensus was for journalists to not risk the lives of others in their pursuit of stories and that journalists should jump in and help their sources as people first and as professionals second in matters of life and death Ethos of InterventionEd Bradley was a TV journalist for CBS covering the boat people Vietnamese refugees in the years after the Vietnam War and waded into the Pacific Ocean to aid themSome were critical of said he should not have intervened because journalists record historynot make or influence it Was he selfpromoting or doing what anyone wouldOthers thought he was a hero telling a human interest story and being a decent humanGenerally some commenters raised the point on the discussion of politics that they expect their news sources to have a bias and a slant and that in some cases viewers actually wanted a position on an issue Others want impartiality in reporting and although they expect the journalist to have biases they expect the story to notOccupy Wall Street and Caitlin E CurranThere was an overall mixed view from commenters when Caitlin Curran was fired by WNYC Radio for being photographed at Occupy Wall StBeing off duty from assignment there was more support for her free speech rightsLess support for journalists as role modelspeople think it is okay to have a publicprivate life in many cases Journalists will be scrutinized for decisions even in private life reputation of individual impacts the organization greatlyConduct is often determined by how reputation affects business of the employerHurricane SandyPeople enraged by lack of common sense First Responders sometimes must rescue reporters therefore reckless reporters put own lives and lives of others at riskPublic thinks it a disservice to risk lives to tell something trivial Dont unnecessarily risk lives for storyfind another way to tell it You will be perceived as less credible and an imbecile by many viewersAcademic and Scholarly perspectivesJournalists such as Martin Bell first coined the term journalism of attachment to describe what he experienced during his years as a war reporter for the BBC He came up with the term to describe the experience of the journalist in that he means the journalist should take a moral stance on some issuesAcademics such as Stephen J Ward have answered Bell in disagreement Ward wants journalists not to be robots in their storytelling but be more cautious before figuring out who the good and bad guys without analysisTrust in MediaSurveys conducted by Gallup found a slight decrease in the trust in media since 1998Sandy Hook shootings A Case StudySome of the people though who joined the push for gun control were journalistsOne of the big advocates for gun control from the journalism world was Piers Morgan He tweeted another day another horrific shooting Americas gun culture has to change When will America deal with its gun madness It caused a gun advocate to get a petition to deport himWatching journalists voice their opinions so publicly raises the issue of just how involved a journalist is allowed to be Is the journalist allowed some leeway in expressing their opinions after witnessing the horror of more than two dozen people killedPatrick White says Reporters can do the public a disservice by reporting both sides of the debate equally There is clearly an element that is completely nuts Our job isnt to make crazy credible
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