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Asias Different StandardDevelopments on Human Rights United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human RightsWest emphasizes human rights in their foreign policiesIn terms of Human Rights the West puts their national interests before the interest of other countries though the world still turns to the West in times of a crisisAsias Developing StandardsWith Economic change EastSoutheast Asia have started to change their approach on human rightsThe more monetary flow a countries has the more power it has Japan South Korea and the Philippines are a part of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights Eastern and Southeast has experienced many improvements in their way of living now compared to the Cultural Revolution yet the West denies itWestern pressure to change current circumstances inEast and Southeast Asia is unnecessaryThe west does not consider Asias culture values and economic situationsEast and Southeast Asia are now capable to put input into political and economic debates around the worldThe US and European community still regard themselves as global superpowersAsias Unacceptable StandardBilahari Kausikan believes that international human rights advocates tend to overlook other cultures in favour of their own usually Western culturewhich is individualistic as opposed to Eastern culture which is communitarian Kausikan argues that Asias reluctance to adhere to Western human rights ideals is for fear of threatening Asias economy However his idea of Western and Eastern cultures is far too simplistic Both cultures hold respective regions that are either individualistic or communitarian Hong Kong has been known to be as individualistic as its Western counterparts Alternatively in the West Thomas Jefferson and John Locke had communitarian
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