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Lecture 2The case of loaded lover boy lack of mens rea due to intoxicationconsent is the only important issue in sexual assault Donald black describes law as a Quantitative variable whose magnitude varies from one social context to anotherThere is an inverse relationship in law The smaller the law the smaller the crime You have the greatest advantage to conflict with the homogeneous society but you would not risk that to alienate yourself from them but to get along and agree with each other in a homogenous society the rules are few and straight forrward if disobeyed there are informal punishmentsIn large heterogenous societies people disagree on the rules in place in this large complex society rules from outside your individual internal ideas and beliefs are gathered to govern the people This is called law codified formal law inFormal social control is characterized by three things1 Rules are unwritten This is because they are known passed on orally or otherwise 2 Clear and inten
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