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Lecture NotesReading Reflection 1 due October 10 next week in seminarLegislature Democratic supremacylaws are democratically enacted Law making power of the legislature Lawyers often write out the laws working for the politicians enabling the lawoWouldnt want just anyone writing the law oLegal experts need to draft the law properly Brings more power to technical experts that isnt necessarily seen in the over outlook Law can be paroguedall bills and laws in the making become dead and are unlikely to be restarted oActs as a reset button oCan be used usefullyallow for government to collect bearings and have a clean slate to start anew oCan be abusedused to purposely stop a bill and law that is in progress The transgender bill made it numerous times to be written but government then paroguedJudiciary When courts interpret laws over periods of timepoliticians watchParliament uses the effectivenessineffectiveness of the laws and uses them for their own law making oMorgentalerbroke laws but was acquitted juror in a sense said that culturally people thought this crime was becoming outdated and unnecessary to uphold will of the people Parliament saw this and in turn changed abortion laws to better reflect societies new cultural values and used the legal system to see this Division of Powers Federal government passes criminal lawscode
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