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Study Map for Fall 2012 Laws1000C ExamExam contents 60 questions 56 from each subject covered this term plus a general section11 topics Law in Social Life Law and Culture Law the State and the Constitution Law Rights and the Charter Making the Law Common Law and Legislation OrganizationStructure of Canadian Law Law Morality and Justice Regulating Behaviour Law CrimeSocial Control Regulating RelationshipsDispute Resolution11 sets of readings Casebook 1ac 2ad 3ac 5ae 8ad10bd 11de 13ad 14 ae16 ab17adVagoNelson Chapters 13456Studying for Multiple Choice Exams Tips on taking multiple choice exams1Organized notesspend a day or two just organizing filing in explaining and improving notes overall Organization can save a lot of studying time closer to the exam 2Missed ClassesDont just toss up an email pleading for help This is a CUTV class and all lectures are available on video If you missed something important Look over the tape3Simulate the required behavior4Get someone to ask you questionstry to avoid formulating your own if possible5Spaced Practice is Better than Massed Practice6Think of how much time you can dedicate to each of your exams Make sure to include margin for error 7Trust in your preparation8Look over the test and pace yourselfmake sure you know the details how many sections how many questions 9Dont be afraid to take short breaks Clear your head refresh your mind10Know when to cut ties with a question and move on when you are stumped but dont make swiss cheese of the whole exam Try to stay in order Watch for clues to past questions overlap is common Recommended you skip less than 10 of questions 11Dont be afraidto change answers but trust in your preparation 12What to do if you have more than one right answer Eliminate the wrong ones Remember there are no trick questions in the exam When in doubt trust your gut 13Cover all the options and try to think of the answer before reading themBelow is a map for you to navigate through as part of your study preparation for the fall Exam While I hope this provides the key terms and concepts that have been explored in readings and lectures so far this document is merely a guide To be sufficiently prepared you need to develop personalized strategies for doing well on multiple choice examsOne but of course not the only method of preparing is to add definitions and notes to this document Good luck on the examNick Law in Social LifeReadings Casebook 1aca The Functions of Law by Hoebelb The Cheyenne Way by Llwellyn and Hoebelc Conflicts as Property by Christie VagoNelson Chapter 1OverviewoSociological jurisprudence Conceptualization of LawoCustomsoConventionsoPenal style of social controloCompensatory styleoTherapeutic styleTypes of LawoSubstantive lawsoProcedural lawsoPublic lawoPrivate lawoCivil law oTortsoCriminal lawoCase lawoStatutory lawoAdministrative lawoRoyal prerogativeMajor Legal SystemsoRomanoGermanic SystemoCommonLaw SystemoSocialist Legal SystemoIslamic Legal SystemFunctions of LawoSocial controloDispute SettlementoSocial ChangeDysfunctions of LawParadigms of SocietyoConsensus PerspectiveoConflict PerspectiveOptions for sociologistsoVerstehenoDialecticalLecture Law in Social LifeIIThe case of the Loaded Loverboy
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