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PASS MOCK EXAMFOR PRACTICE ONLY Course LAWS 1000 B Facilitator Hayley FlettDates and locations of mock exam takeup thMon Nov 30400600Mackenzie 4332 stTues Dec 11130130Rez Commons 214thMon Dec 7400600Tory 360 big room in the middleIMPORTANT It is most beneficial to you to write this mock midterm UNDER EXAM CONDITIONS This means 1 Complete the midterm in 1 12 hours 2 Work on your own 3 Keep your notes and textbook closed 4 Attempt every question After the time limit go back over your work with a different colour or on a separate piece of paper and try to do the questions you are unsure of Record your ideas in the margins to remind yourself of what you were thinking when you take it up at PASS The purpose of this mock exam is to give you practice answering questions in a timed setting and to help you to gauge which aspects of the course content you know well and which are in need of further development and review Use this mock exam as a learning tool in preparing for the actual exam Please note Come to the PASS session with your mock exam complete There you can work with other students to review your work Often there is not enough time to review the entire exam in the PASS session Decide which questions you most want to reviewthe facilitator may ask students to vote on which questions they want to discussFacilitators do not bring copies of the mock exam to the session Please print out and complete the exam before you attendFacilitators do not produce or distribute an answer key for mock exams Facilitators help students to work together to compare and assess the answers they have If you are not able to attend the PASS session you can work alone or with others in the class Good Luck1PASSLaws1000BMockMultipleChoiceExamReadeachquestioncarefullyandcircletheBESTanswer1Which of the following is a characteristic of Legal PositivismaConsiders that unwritten principles should be considered law in the constitutionbProvides a moral justification for being bound by the lawcLaw is only valid if it has been enacted through a legitimate processdLaw is validated against higher principles to determine if it is legitimate 2Which of the following is NOT a function of lawaSocial changebDispute resolutioncSocial controldMoral consensuseCreates authority3Which of the following is NOT an argument put forward by Christie to illustrate that modern legal systems are not necessarily superior to primitive legal systemsaCourts are difficult to navigate throughbJudges may exercise biased decision makingcThe legal system removes conflict from the people who are directly involveddThe victim loses involvement in criminal cases4The criminal offence of murder is an example oflaw and and the regulation of admissibility of evidence is an example oflawaPublic PrivatebCriminal PrivatecProcedural SubstantivedSubstantive ProceduraleCommon Civil5Under which of the following constitutional principles is the governing party required to maintain the confidence of the legislatureaRepresentative democracybRule of LawcResponsible Government2
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