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LAWS 1000 Fall 2012 ReviewMethods of legal social controlLaw in Social LifeCasebook 1ac VagoPenalNelson Chapter 1CompensatoryTherapeuticConciliatoryBlack Law as a quantitative variable that varies bw societiesWhy do homogenous societies require less law than heterogeneous onesCharacteristics of formal and informal social controlExplicit rules of conductPlanned use of sanctions to enforce the rulesDesignated officials to interpret enforce and make the rulesHoebel and Llewellyn4 functions of law among the CheyenneoDefinition of relationshipsoAllocation of authority and coercive poweroDisposition of trouble cases as they ariseoAdapting to social change and redefining relationships accordinglyChristie conflicts as propertyLawyers control over disputesIs formal social control best way of dealing with conflict and crime Canadas tricultural legal systemLaw and Culture Casebook 2adEnglish common lawFrench civil lawAboriginal legal structuresTension between two systems cases that deal with integration and common lawcivil law relationsCPR v RobinsonDesrosiersSimilarities between Quebecois and English Canadian legal culture and practiceBouchardTaylor re accommodation and compromiseConstitution Act 1867Law the State and the oConstitutionWhat it diddidnt doCasebook 3acStatute of Westminster 1931Principles of the constitutionoParliamentary supremacy
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