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LAWS 1000

LAWPASS WORKSHOPCasesR v Tuttonofacts parents and diabetes caseparents didnt give insulin to their child because they truly believed God cured him their son died from not receiving insulinoIssuereasonable person method was not used and determined the couple not guilty of negligencecontroversy was surrounding intentoRatioSignificance subjective vs objectiveoDEVONS NOTES In this case a couple had a five year old diabetic son and the doctor explained to the couple that their son needed insulin injection The couple had failed to inject their son with insulin because they truly felt that he was cured by God and did not require insulin injections any longer The couple was charged with criminal negligence because of their omission towards their sonWhether or not the couple should be charged with murder because they truly did not intend for their son to die and did not appreciate the mens rea to commit the offenseThe significance of this case is the controversy between subjective versus objective requirements for being found guilty of a crimeR v Ruzicofacts traffickingwoman smuggled drugs dues to duress as she was threatened that her family would be harmed if she did notoIssue could the woman claim duress Was she in immediate danger The person who was threatening her was not present when she smuggled drugs Does duress require that it be immediate and in proximityoRatioSignificance she was able to use the defense of duress and the gap in the law was addressed as a result changing the lawoDEVONS NOTESIn this case a woman living in Europe was threatened to both her and her mother that if she did not smuggle drugs into Canada she and her
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