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September 20 2010Law Lecture Notes 1Last classway of solving conflicts in societypromote social controlchangecoerciondo it because it is socially accepted wear heels to a job interviewnot easily definedWhat does law meancant describe it in a way that everyone will agree onits a mixture of things put togetherlaw cant be constant changes due to societyno universal definitionconstructed by societyQuotelaw depends a lot of us and our choice to obeyidea that historically people were certain that they could define law however peopletend to take their own experiences of law and allow that to be their definitionwhen people tried to define law there was disputeeveryones definition of law variestwo main problems defining law conceptual pluralistic ConceptualWB Gallie essentially contested conceptEg core elements of a tableapple stated that law was not like that and has no core elements Called th
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