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Mar 8 Key Legal Players IV JuriesExpertsW20VagoNelson pgs 7077 READING NOTESRelevant for winter term paperJuriesopg71 the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ensures that any person who is accused of a crime that could result in a sentence of 5 years or more in imprisonment has a right to a trial by jury The only exception to this would be those who commit an offence under military law and have their hearing in a military tribunal Serious offences include murder treason hijacking intimidating parliament briberyectWith consent of the attorney general and the accused one can opt out of having a jury in the trialJury decisions are required to be unanimousCriminal Casesjury is composed of 12 peopleCivil Casesunanimous is not required only typically six jury membersJury Membersselection and constitution of juriesprovincial jurisdiction in Canadasince 1972 however the Criminal Code has stated that no person may be disqualified exempted or excused from serving as a j
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