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LawLectureFebruary 1 2013okey cases review from last lecture D vs Stephenson neighbor principlesowe certain duties of care to themJohn Deeres caseMustapha casereasonable people Todays LectureDefenses of NegligenceoContributory negligence when accused and accusers actions cancel each other outoAccidentinevitable accidentact of godKey Case1390 Ellis v Angwyn accidental fire to a home and a gust of wind caused the fire to spread to a neighbors house which then burned down Neighbor asserted that it was the first houses owners negligence that caused the fire to spread Cause lost due to act of god unforeseeable oVoluntary ParticipationYou cant sue the owner of property where you harm yourself while doing something illegalExample burglar falls through floor in warehouseburglar cant sue property owneroVoluntary Assumption of Riskif you are aware of risk and something happens then you cannot sueexample Sportsexample Todd Burtuzi and MooreSports Lawkey case King v Redlic
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