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LawReadingsFromslidesLecture3PH Russell The Environment of Canadas Judicial SystemDid you like the article Why or Why nototoo much biasbeing told to take a sideWhat is the role of formalism in Canadas Legal Systemothe categorization of law has become importantWhat political beliefs and ideology shape Canadian law oIndependence of the judicial system ex liberalism in Canada has led to a separation underline basis in which Canadian law operatesWhat is Canadas legal cultureoDualistic civil law and common law we classify law on that basisHow does this article relate to our topics for today oArticle wants us to understand formalism in our society Reference Re Firearms Act Can 2000 SCR 783What are the types of law mentioned in this caseoconstitutional procedural statutorytalking about criminal code public law admin lawa regulation v crime private lawproperty rights or crimeHow does this case related to todays topicocourt is asked to decide application of law whether its civil law province or criminal law governmentTaxonomyDepending on which jurisdiction Act falls under there will be different outcomes due to different classification by the jurisdictionLecture 5 ConstitutionalBasesReferenceReSecessionofQuebec19982SCR5principlesunderlyingconstitutionFederalismDemocracyparliamentisresponsibletouswecanelectparliamentConstitutionalismthepowerofgovernmentisboundbylaw
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