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1The dominant teaching method in American law schools isaCase Studies bLegalistic cMemorizationdSocratic Method2The three models of legal aid studied in this course wereaJudicare Public Defender HybridbHybrid Legal Aid Certificates Legal ClinicscDuty Counsel Court Appointed Lawyer HybriddNone of the above3The Judicare model isaThe process by which an applicant is granted a legal certificate bWhen there is a lawyer on duty at the court at all timescOperated by local Universities dAn office of government where lawyers work fulltime representing the poor4The Public Defenders model isaA government office whose purpose is to provide representation to those who cant afford itbWhen the government provides a certificate for low income citizens to use to hire a lawyer at the governments expensecIs the same as Pro Bono work done by private sector lawyers dThe model employed by the Ontario government5The Hybrid model works byaCombining legal aid certificates legal clinics and duty counselbPublic defenders office legal clinics duty counselcPro Bono programs legal aid certificates and legal clinicsdNone of the above6Ontario employs which legal aid modelaPublic Defenders Office bPro BonocHybriddLegal Clinics7What qualifies as a Small Claims Court matteraAnything involving civil mattersbAny civil claim under 25000 dollarscAny civil claim under 10000 dollarsdAny civil claim under 5000 dollars8Paralegals are regulated underaAccess to Information ActbAccess to Judiciary ActcAccess to Justice ActdNone of the above9Von Savigny believes that law
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