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LAWS 1000
Steve Tasson

thLaw January 25 Last weekRole of victim in Crim LawRise of victims rights movementSolutions to give voice to victims WILL BE ON EXAMClarkeDurkheim victims are martyrs to society because crime is a necessary healthy feature of society How can we think of offenders in this context Arethey also martyrs to social progress Who should pay for crimeDiscretion is it a few bad apples or a bad basketOverrepresentation in jailwhy Myths and SolutionsSentencing and judicial DiscretionNew Yorker ArticleDiscretion of crownsplea bargaining 3 kindsshadow justice system in the shadow of the lawCrown Culture adversarial and Wrongful Conviction Green This weekits all about orderLawOrder Capitalismuncertainty is seriously prejudicial to the smooth functioning of the modern economyCoercion is necessary in market system Hobbesian problem of order the market destroys normative orderThe formality of justicethe law serves as a block not only to authoritarian governments but to those interested in substantive justice law is used as a tool for change TORT LAWCrimes Public WrongsLatin torus meaning wrong or crookedactionable wrongs against a person property or reputation of another person assaultbattery murder slander etcQuebecLaw of Obligation Contract vs TortBreach of contracttorts both civil private wrongsA Breach of contract is the breach of a promise to behave in a certain wayIn the case of tort there is no promiseYou may be found liable in both Tort and Contract for the same act Doctor leaving something inside youCompensation disappointment of expectations vsstatus quo deterioration of present conditions
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