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Steve Tasson

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Key Legal Players 3 Police and Expert Witnesses Wednesday February 29 2012 1131 AMTODAYIssues facing police o Role Changeswhat do police actually do o Insularity of Police Culture alienationseparation o The Rise of the Mall CopPrivate PolicingAccountabilityTraining IssuesIncreased Powers Public and Private SpaceExperts inside and outside the courtroom o Law versus science2 methods of truth production o What happens when experts become weapons o The Goudge Report and Charles Smith Everybody Loves the PoliceIn Can 3 levelsspecial o Federal Provincial Municipal and Special harbour police Parks Canada Campus Police etc o Variety of requirements for recruitmenttraining 1222 weeksBroad Issues confronting Police Services today o Shifting roles enforcementmilitarizedmediation o Increased expectation with role change o Issues of discrimination race gender class discretionoversight o Increased danger less respect for authorityalienation o LessthanlethalUse of Force optionsPepper Spray TASERS DziekaoskiNew technologies expertisespecialization InternetComplex bureaucracy numbers mix w pseudomilitary organizationPrivatization security guards private investigators o Accountabilitydiscrepancy in training and education o Deregulation of policing functionoutside Charteraccountability market Community Policing3 styles of Policing classic 1 Nightwatchman traditional roleof policemaintaining orderlow formality high discretionLower arrest rates 2 Legalistic primary function is not necessarily order but to advance the lawformally enforce the law low discretionHigher arrest ratesblack and whitearrest everyone who breaks the law 3 Community PolicingTarget neighborhood specific issuesdecentralized decisionmakingWeedout crime before it takes placeCriticisms
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