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EXAM REVIEWthe approximate cost of actually operating and maintaining the criminal justice system according to Griffiths 13 billion dollars the percentage of the police share of the operating costs of the criminal justice system 48 provisions of the Charter with respect to Fundamental Freedoms and Legal Rights Provisions to Canadian law can be made Provisions to the Canadian law can be made through the charter because it can render invalid or inoperative any laws that are inconsistent with its provisions the major federal agencies responsible for administering law and justice federal police federal corrections federal prosecutors courts and judges Canadian Border Services Agency Department of justice in Ontario the provincial agencies responsible for administering law and justice Provincial and territorial governments are responsible for administering law and justice Ontario Provincial Police debates as to whether or not Canada has a criminal justice system it is not a system but rather a process to which a number of different Government departments and agencies and others make separate and sometimes conflicting contributions much of the functioning is criminal justice is unplanned poorly coordinated and unregulated although components of the Canadian Justice System often world together on many occasions they tend to work somewhat independently or even at cross purposes information sharing problemsMULTIPLE MANDATES OBSTACLES TO INFORMATION SHARING DIVERSITY AND COMPLEXITY OF THE SYSTEM main points the crime control and due process models of law and justice as posited by Herbert PackerCrime Control protection of the community and the apprehension of offenders is paramount conservative values strong assumption of guilt emphasis on compensation for victims of crime rights of victims rather than on protecting the rights of defendantsDue Process legal rights of individual citizens including accused individuals is paramount procedural fairness liberal values1
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