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LAWS 2301
Maeve Mc Mahon

1CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEMLAWS 2301F Prof Maeve McMahonDecember 2011Exam Information and Study GuideThe exam takes place on Friday December 16from 911amThis exam will count for 48 of your final grade The exam will have 3 sections1Multiple choice worth 19 marks2Short answers and explanations and truefalse questions worth 19 marks3Essay worth 10 marksIn preparing for the exam you should review your lecture notes and the material in Griffiths Canadian Criminal Justice A Primer up to and including page 174You should also revise H Packers Two Models of the Criminal ProcessYou should additionallyreflect on the content of the contributions by our guestsSuperintendent Scott Nystedt and Constable Admir Minarolli of the Ottawa Police Service and defence lawyer Leonard ShoreBeing able to draw on your observations as relevant can enhance the content of your essayMULTIPLE CHOICE AND SHORT ANSWERS AND EXPLANATIONS AND TRUEFALSE QUESTIONS SECTIONS 1 AND 2 OF THE EXAMThe following will give you an idea of topics that might arise in the multiple choice and short answers and explanations and truefalse questions Items below are also relevant for use in your essay section of the examinationSthe approximate cost of actually operating and maintaining the criminal justice system according to Griffiths13 billionSthe percentage of the police share of the operating costs of the criminal justice system60 Sprovisions of the Charter with respect to Fundamental Freedoms and Legal RightsFundamental Freedoms 2Legal Rights 7 8 9 10 11 Sthe major federal agencies responsible for administering law and justiceFederal policeRCMP 1Military Police of the Canadian Armed ForcesFederal prosecutors courts and judgesFederal correctionsCSC deals with sentences of two years or more Canadian Border Services AgencyAirports seaports highwayDepartment of JusticeDrafts bills to be debated by Parliament Sin Ontario the provincial agencies responsible for administering law and justiceThe OPPSurete du QuebecRoyal Newfoundland Royal Constabulary Provincial prosecutors courts and judges Sdebates as to whether or not Canada has a criminal justice systemIsnt really a system due to multiple mandates Obstacles to information sharingDiversity and complexity of the system Sthe crime control and due process models of law and justice as posited by Herbert PackerCrime ControlConservative valuesProtection of the community and apprehension of the offender is paramountStrong assumptions of guilt towards the offenderDue ProcessLegal rights of individual citizens is paramount Liberal valuesAssumptions of innocence Sthe nature of discretion as exercised in criminal law and justice and its relevance to the practice of criminal law and justice as a human enterpriseDiscretion is used in 3 phases of the case by prosecuting attorney Its relevance is determining whether a person is to be charged with a crime in the first place Sthe major issue addressed in each of the following casesR v AskovR v StinchcombeR v FeeneyR v SABR v Zundel2
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